Kern County Fire Department Engineer Brian Massey, 56, died May 20th of a significant medical event.

Massey had been at home following a 48 hour shift of duty at the Maricopa fire station, his home station, for roughly 14 hours Saturday when he died.

The nature will likely be determined and reported by the Kern County Coroner’s office.

Massey started a landscaping business in high school and kept that up even after he was hired by the Taft Fire Department.

Brian started his employment with Kern County Fire Department on May 8, 2007. He previously was employed by Taft Fire Department where he started his firefighting career in 1990. When the Taft department was absorbed into the Kern County Fire Department, Hudson said, Massey came along.

Massey is a 17 year veteran and is survived by his three children Brooke, Breanna, and Brandon; his grandchildren Kinidie and Kenzington; girlfriend of 17 years Glenna Seely.