California Department of Corrections Officer Armando Gallegos, 56, succumbed to injuries on September 14th which were sustained in April 2018 when he was attacked by multiple inmates at the Kern Valley State Prison.

Gallegos and another officer were attempting to search an inmate on April 21st in the dayroom of the prison’s Minimum-Support Facility. The inmate attacked Officer Gallegos and was then joined by 11 other inmates who continued to severely beat him and the other officer.

The inmates continued to assault him after responding officers intervened with physical force and pepper spray. All of the inmates were eventually subdued. Officer Gallegos was transported to a local hospital suffering from a broken nose, head injuries, and fractured vertebrae. He was released to recover at home, but suffered a complication on September 14th. He collapsed and was returned to the hospital where he passed away.

CDCR investigators recommended attempted homicide charges on seven of the inmates following the assault.

Officer Gallegos had served with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for 13 years after a full career in the Navy. He is survived by his wife, Irma.