In Memory of Marylou Armer

Santa Rosa Police Department

Marylou Armer

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Santa Rosa Police Department Detective Marylou Armer, 43, died March 31st from coronavirus complications.

She was the first officer in the department to test positive for COVID-19.

Detective Armer lived in American Canyon and was a veteran police officer of 20 years. She began as a civilian field evidence technician in 1999 and worked for 9 years at the SRPD before applying to become a police officer. The department sent her to the police academy and she was sworn in as a police officer in 2008.

She promoted to the rank of detective and had most recently been assigned to the department’s Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Team.

Tragically, the pandemic has come to the point where even the solemn and dignified tradition of honoring a fallen police officer has become a cautious and restrained affair. The memorial will likely take place via video feed.

Armer leaves behind a husband and daughter.