In Memory of Deputy Carlos Francies

In loving memory of Deputy Carlos Francies

Contra Costa County

End of Watch: 8/13/2015

Deputy Francies, known by his middle name “Diamond,” gave his life for a friend in an off-duty incident.

Francies, his girlfriend, his sister, and a friend were paddle boarding and kayaking at El Dorado Beach in South Lake Tahoe when a gust of wind, estimated at 40 mph, knocked Francies’ sister off her kayak approximately 100 feet from shore. The friend jumped into the water to help her, but his kayak drifted away. After helping the woman onto her kayak, the friend, with his paddle in his hand, began swimming toward his kayak.

Having become aware of the commotion, Francies believed the friend was in distress and jumped into the water to help him, but quickly faltered in the rough water. The girlfriend jumped into the water and caught Francies before he became completely submerged, but reports were that he appeared to be unconscious.

Bystanders helped put Francies on a paddle board and pull him to shore, where his girlfriend – a registered nurse – performed CPR. Medics arrived and transported Francies to Barton Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.

He had served with the Sheriff’s Department for three years.

Deputy Francies is survived by his parents Paris and Beverly Richardson.