Fallen Heroes Financial Guidance


To provide immediate, professional and personal financial guidance and oversight to a family and agency of a fallen hero, for a limited duration of time


  • Assign a professional and licensed financial advisor to a family of a fallen hero as requested by the affected family and agency
  • Provide financial guidance, safety and privacy to the family as a top priority Screen and filter all inquiries, offers and donations to the family
  • Provide research assistance, as needed, to ensure all required information is collected for sound decision-making by the responsible party

Financial Advisor Role

  • The first point of contact for all issues related to finances for the family and agency of the fallen hero
  • To provide impartial financial information, guidance and overall consultation with no personal gain in any form
  • Be sensitive, compassionate and diplomatic in dealing with all matters on behalf of, and with, the family
  • To keep the best interest of the family as the top priority

Financial Advisor Criteria

  • A licensed financial professional in the insurance and investment industry
  • Professional resume kept on file
  • Completion of an approved background screening process
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Training as provided by Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes


Provide to the family of a fallen hero, as defined by Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes, a professional Financial Advisor to provide guidance and consultation, complimentary, for up to one year. This may be amended anytime as a fee for service agreement independently with the Financial Advisor upon written request from the family. Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes will make the initial offer of this service to the impacted agency upon our first contact.

Services Offered

Financial Preparation

  • Budget Analysis
  • Expense Management & Oversight
  • Net Worth Statement

Financial Analysis

  • Investment Portfolio Review
  • Retirement Analysis & Strategies
  • College Savings Strategies

Financial Guidance

  • Insurance Policy Review
  • Family Benefits Review
  • Attorney and CPA Referrals

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