Book “Driven to Serve”

Public Service in Uncertain Times on the Front Lines of Law Enforcement
When it comes to law enforcement, Jennifer Stowell is fully dedicated to supporting those who are Driven to Serve. Inspired by her sibling’s call to public service, the ongoing Behind the Badges project, and Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes’ mission, Jennifer’s book publication successfully became a #1 International Best Seller October 2020.

In recent years, the police have been under fire like we’ve never seen before. They have faced relentless riotous protests, threats of defunding and disarming, and even outright abolishment. Like any organization, our nation’s police departments are prone to a few bad apples—but by far, the millions of men and women who’ve served in law enforcement do everything they can to set a good example of care, concern, and compassion.

Unfortunately, it is usually only the rare few that transgress who receive mass media attention, while all the others’ heroic efforts go unnoticed. It is the express purpose of this book to shine a light on these unsung heroes. Here we spotlight those who dedicate their lives to being the best police officers they can be. They are driven to serve. This book includes those many crucial perspectives on what it takes to live a life ‘on the beat.’

When readers dive into Driven to Serve, they will see stories about controversial interactions with the police; the most important stories are really about lifesaving successes of those featured police motivated by their dedication to public service. The goal of this book is to tell the true story of the crucial part they play in our everyday lives and help to renew our country’s faith and trust by bringing more people together in support of them and to confront those forces that are needlessly being initiated that are dividing our nation.

Things can always worsen, and if we find the continual withdrawal of support for law enforcement, our nation may be facing a catastrophe. Before we thoughtlessly lose our best safety advocates and protectors, we must try to save those still dedicated and willing to serve.

Driven To Serve intends to be a source of inspiration for aspiring law enforcement professionals and seasoned officers. But more importantly, for those not involved in law enforcement activities, it is an absolute must-read to comprehend the importance of this vital segment of our lives.

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