Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputy, Robert “Bob” Paris, 53, was killed April 12 th while serving an eviction notice in North Modesto.

Deputy Paris and a fellow officer, Deputy Mike Glinskas, were assigned to serve the eviction notice at 2141 Chrysler Drive #1, Modesto. Just before 11:00 a.m., Deputy Paris and locksmith Glendon Engert were brutally murdered by Jim Ferrario, the resident in the apartment who was being evicted.

Deputies had made the required “knock and notice” announcing their presence and intent, but received no response from within the apartment. There was never an indication that Ferrario was inside and deputies had no reason to believe they were in any danger.

Suddenly and without warning, Ferrario opened fire with a high power assault rifle from behind a closed security screen door. Deputy Paris and Glendon Engert were the intended targets in an ambush style assault that occurred without provocation.

Under fire, and having just witnessed his partner and a civilian murdered, Deputy Glinskas immediately returned fire, in an effort to stop the threat and protect others, while moving to cover. Glinskas, from a position of relative cover, was pinned down and could not safely evacuate. He continued to radio vital and critical information to responding law enforcement personnel. That decision undoubtedly, saved lives. He acted heroically under fire, going above and beyond the call of duty under extraordinary circumstances. For that reason, we recognize and honor him with the Medal of Valor.

Deputy Paris was a 16-year veteran of the department. He is survived by his Parents, Brother, Sister, and two Adult Children.