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Captain Dave Rosa, 45, a 17-year veteran with the Long Beach Fire Department was shot and killed on June 25th while responding to a fire alarm at 600 E. 4th St. at around 3:49 a.m., a retirement home called Covenant Manor was listed under that address.

Officials arrived at the multi-story building and discovered windows were blown out and a sprinkler was activated. The firefighters found and extinguished the fire at 3:59 a.m., but they continued to assess the area due to reports of an explosion and the smell of gasoline.

At around 4:08 a.m., Rosa and another firefighter were shot, according to the Long Beach Fire Department. The second firefighter was taken to St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach and was discharged. Rosa was pronounced deceased at St. Mary Medical Center.

Rosa, who served as Fire Captain for the past 6 1/2 years, left behind a wife and two children.